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GREG SCHOLL 65 minutes

The show begins with Rio Grande (D&RGW) 2-8-2 number 483 on a October 1961 trip from Alamosa with fall colors. We then see some action with two of the K-28 class engines on the Silverton Line, with the engines split for the high bridge. Warren Scholl rode this trip which featured a few runbys along the way. A helper (doubleheader) is used on the return trip from Chama to Cumbres.

Now to Oregon and Washingto for Spokane, Portland and Seattle 4-8-4 number 700, on what we think is the final trip. Scenes appear to be east of Portland along the Columbia River. There is also a trip with Northern Pacific 2-8-2 number 1911 to Battleground, and trip with 4-8-4 number 2626 (which was originally the engine Timken used for its new roller bearings, before NP purchased it. This may be the last trip with 2626, but we are not sure. It appears to be from Seattle. Another Northern Pacific 4-8-4 number 2686 is ridden from St. Paul to Staples, Minnesota in the summer of 1957. There are some trackside views including a runby, and servicing in Staples with an 0-8-0 switch engine. With 700 you see 3 different 4-8-4's.

There is a three day excursion from the Bay Area in California on North Western Pacific with primarily an assortment of 4-6-0 locomotives and a couple of side trips to branch lines. This is a scenic segment along the Eel River and other locations on a trip that was ridden, and included some photo runbys.

Santa Fe 4-6-4 number 3450 is seen and ridden behind on a trip that went to Oakdale where Sierra took over with engines 34 and 36 for the rest of the day. This was on October 19, 1952. 3450 is a great looking Hudson. 34 and 36 are 2-8-0 wheel arrangement engines, and neither has operated for many years. 3450 is on display at the fairgrounds in Pomona, California.

We also see an excursion on the Santa Maria Valley Railroad with engine 2-8-2 #21 in 1954. The groups took the Southern Pacific to Guadeloupe and we see SP 4-8-4 4440 departing that station before seeing some nice coverage of #21.

There are also brief looks at Southern Pacific 2-6-0 number 1711, and 3 excursion appearances of Southern Pacific 4-8-4 #4460. One trip is the Fresno Flyer, and another is the final trip on the SP with steam on a 2-day trip to Reno from Oakland in 1958. This GS-6 locomotive was famous for pulling several excursions near the end of the steam era, and is preserved at the National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood, Missouri.

There are also a few excursions on the Western Pacific which include mostly 4-6-0 number 94, but also a trip that was doubleheaded with 94 and 2-8-2 334. These trips were in 1954 and 1956. This is a nice segment with a lot of trackside views, and a little bit of riding as well. There is some nice pacing of the doubleheader in the Oakland area on the return trip.