Shipping Update

Posted by Lee on 7/15/2022 to News
As everyone is well aware prices have been increasing dramatically over the last several months. This includes the cost of shipping. The Post Office has just raised the cost of media mail shipping for the second time this year. As a result we

Holiday Shipping

Posted by Lee on 10/11/2021 to News
Below is important information on holiday shipping and our recommendations for any items you need to receive by Christmas.  Please read these carefully before placing your order. 1) Free Shipping is by US Mail Media Mail.  Please be aware

Shipping to Australia

Posted by Lee on 9/18/2021 to News
The US Post Office has temporarily suspended shipping to Australia due to Covid-19 issues. We can ship to Australia using UPS. However this may involve extra brokerage fees when you receive the package. You will be responsible for any such charges.  At this time there is no indication when the US Post Office will resume shipping to Australia.

Holiday Updates

Posted by Lee on 11/30/2020 to News
Holiday Shipping

August Updates

Posted by Lee on 8/24/2020 to News
Latest update on shipping, new books and fall train shows.

More COVID-19 Updates

Posted by Lee on 5/13/2020 to News
Latest Updates - May 13, 2020

Covid 19 Updates

Posted by Lee on 4/23/2020 to News
Please see this post for shipping information related to Covid19.

New books for the week of November 12th

Posted by Lee on 11/16/2018 to New Release
New books for the week of November 12th

A Railroad Life - Now in Stock

Posted by Lee on 10/20/2018 to New Release
A Railroad Life Vol 1 - On the Road With Mike Bednar is now in stock.

Maine Central My Life on the Pine Tree Route- Now in stock

Posted by Lee on 10/19/2018 to New Release
Maine Central My Life on the Pine Tree Route is now in stock.

Winter Morning Sun Titles

Posted by Lee on 10/19/2018 to Future Products
Winter Morning Sun titles announced

C&N Peninsula Division Vol 1

Posted by Lee on 10/18/2018 to New Release
C&NW Peninsula Division book now in stock.

November 1st Morning Sun Books now shipping

Posted by Lee on 10/10/2018 to New Release
November 1st Morning Sun books now shipping.

Welcome to our new online store

Posted by Lee on 10/2/2018 to News
Welcome to our new & updated webpage.  We've created a new webpage from the ground up, incorporating many suggestions that customers have made to us.  While we have tried to check out every bit of the webpage before going live, it's possible that we missed something.  If you find a problem, or have a suggestion on how we can improve the new webpage please let us know.  

In the coming months we will be adding more features and functionality to the webpage- including real time shipping calculations for priority mail and international shipments and descriptions for all of the used books in our catalog and more. Again if you have suggestions on something you would like to see- please let us know.